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Message From Our Grand Polemarch...
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"100 Years and Building: The Journey Continues."

To my Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity:

When the 32nd Administration of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity accepted the responsibility to lead the charge into the twenty-first century, we moved with deep conviction and humility, to change the paradigm of our beloved fraternity to a place we’ve never been.

We began with an assessment of what our fraternity should be doing, consistent with the vision of our Founders, and the visionaries who have kept our ship afloat through thirty-one administrations over one hundred years. We recognized that the greatest challenge that we must face in coming years, is the rapid growth of technology, and the impact that it will have on our constituents, especially those that need our support most.

With this in mind, we made some conscious decisions to focus on our youth in the fraternity, as well as youth in our Kappa League and in the communities we serve. We believe that Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity must remain a viable and relevant institution on campuses throughout the nation and beyond, and our hope is that the great achievers of our fraternity will chip in and make a difference in the lives of our college students and the students in schools that need our mentoring and resource capabilities.

In keeping with our theme; "100 Years and Building: The Journey Continues,” we are launching a new website that hopefully will be as strong in content as it is in "bells and whistles.”   We want all of you within the fraternity to find our website easy to navigate and filled with information that you need to further the cause of ONE KAPPA.

The new website will be a challenge to every Brother who serves in any capacity in the 32nd Administration. It’s up to every Brother who has a responsibility for a commission, committee or other designated entity, to make sure that what you do is submitted to the Webmaster for inclusion on our website. It’s up to each of you to include in the portion of the website dedicated to your responsibilities, information that explains what you’re responsible for and what you expect or anticipate our readership to do.

In the near future, we believe that we can cause the general public to want to access the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity website to learn more about us, and more about what we are doing that makes us a source of global interest. It is also our hope that every Chapter will want their websites to be as good as or better than the national website. It’s important for every Chapter to tell its story as we continue to brand the name of Kappa Alpha Psi throughout the universe.

After witnessing the Centennial Celebration of our Fraternity, every member has been inspired as we have looked back at our regal history. The new website, as well as the new Kappa Journal that has already been launched, contain the journal of our history. In the future, Kappas and the general public will be able to not only enjoy our website and Journal, but learn about Founder and first Grand Polemarch Elder Watson Diggs and every Brother that has worn the badge of our Fraternity, and made a difference in the lives of our people, and the society in general.

Please take time to visit our website regularly, and urge others to do the same. Let us know if we can make it better and if what we’re doing is focusing on what fraternities ought to do, and if you think we’re doing it well. The dedicated staff at our International Headquarters stands ready to assist in anyway necessary to move about our website with ease.If there is information that you think should be there, take time and contact IHQ, who will review such requests and staff them as appropriate.   Remember, we’re all in this together, and there are Brothers and others who stand to benefit from our good work.

Yours in the Bond,

William "Randy" Bates, Jr., Esq.
Grand Polemarch