William L. Crump History Award

The William L. Crump History Award was established to create a greater interest in, knowledge of, and appreciation for the expanding history of Kappa Alpha Psi®® Fraternity, Inc. This award is dedicated to our former Grand Historian William L. Crump, who persevered for many years in maintaining the legacy of our great Fraternity.

The first William L. Crump History Awards were presented at the 70thGrand Chapter Meeting in Orlando, Florida, 1991.  The latest awardees will be recognized July 18-23, 2023, at the 86thGrand Chapter Meeting.

The William L. Crump History Award is competitive on both the Undergraduate and Alumni levels.  A medal designed by Nathan Cooley of the Gary (IN) Alumni Chapter, and a certificate will be awarded to a maximum of three (3) Undergraduate and three (3) Alumni winners.  The Grand Historian and his committee will determine the winners based on the applicant’s successful adherence of this award’s specified requirements. The determination of how many applicants MAY win this award is contingent upon these prerequisites and the Grand Historian’s ultimate discretion.

William L. Crump History Award Procedures:

The applicant is free to submit his award petition directly to the Grand Historian without consulting his Chapter/Province for review or selection.  By protocol established by the applicant’s Chapter/Province, the applicant may choose to have his local Chapter/Province screen the research paper and be selected to represent that Chapter/Province, but that process is not a requirement for this award.

The applicant will forward his completed award petition to the Grand Historian and his committee for final review and selection of the Undergraduate and Alumni awardees.

Two weeks after the close of the applicant’s Province Council Meeting, the applicant will upload his petition for each member of the William L. Crump Award Review Committee to review.

All applicants must be fully financial members on all three levels of the Fraternity.

Petitions for the William L. Crump Award are submitted on a standard form secured from the Fraternity’s International Headquarters. The completed hard copy petition must be postmarked within fourteen (14) days following the end of the candidate’s Province Council and mailed as follows :

Upload a PDF copy of the petition to the Crump Award Submission File Storage Repository: https://bit.ly/CrumpAwards2023

If there are any issues with uploading the petition to the File Storage Repository, email one (1) PDF copy to the Crump Award Chairman, Kevin Scott, and each Crump Committee Member. Crump Committee members’ email addresses are on this form’s last page.

Mail one (1) hard copy to International Headquarters (Note: You do not need to get the Executive Director’s signature before submitting your petition for this award. The signature will be affixed once International Headquarters receives its copy.)

The PDF file must also be filed no later than 14 days following the candidate’s Province Council.

The system will accept your uploaded file and send it to the Crump Award Review Committee members, notifying them that you have uploaded it. You will not be contacted unless IHQ or the Crump Award Review Committee Chairman needs additional information.