Dues & Life Membership

Kappa Alpha Psi®® Fraternity, Inc.

Financial Membership Benefits

Three Administrative Levels

  • Eligible to receive Membership Discounts.
  • Eligible to access your KappaAlphaPsi1911.com secure account.
  • Receiving the Kappa Alpha Psi® Journal four times a year (Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer) along with a special Conclave Edition during a conclave year.
  • Receiving the Confidential Bulletin twice a year, along with a special edition during a conclave year.
  • Eligible to register for National Founders’ Day.
  • Eligible to register for the Grand Chapter Meeting during a conclave year.
  • Eligible to run for a Grand Chapter Office. 
  • Eligible to register for a Province Council.
  • Eligible to register for the annual Charles Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference (CRWLC).
  • Eligible to run for a Province Office.
  • Eligible to vote on chapter matters.
  • Eligible to write a MTA letter of recommendation.
  • Eligible to receive an invite to create a KappaOrg.com (MTA) secured account.
  • Eligible to become Membership Training Academy (MTA) Trained.

In an effort to better serve the membership and assist the various chapters in the collection of membership dues and assessments, we are now taking full advantage of the email feature by sending your dues reminder by email. Please access your secure KappaAlphaPsi.com account at www.KappaAlphaPsil911.com to “Login” and make a payment, update your member profile, update your complete mailing address, and/or email address. Please be sure to fulfill your dues obligation to your local chapter and province directly through the appropriate channel.

  • Subscribing Life Members are exempt from annual dues payment requirements, due to the life membership obligation
  • Life Members are exempt from annual dues payment requirements. However, the housing assessments fee must be paid in order for a Life Member to be considered in “Good Standing”.
Important Grand Chapter Annual Dues Renewal Reminders!
  • Grand Chapter dues are payable as of October 1 (the first day of the fiscal year).
  • Grand Chapter dues are $100.00 per year for undergraduate brothers and $200.00 per year for alumni brothers.
  • All brothers MUST PAY GRAND CHAPTER DUES (with the housing assessment current), except new initiates who have financial cards that expire after September 30th (the last day of the fiscal year noted).
  • Grand Chapter dues are not prorated, and dues paid during the fiscal year are applied to that particular year, and will not be applied to the next year due to benefits and services received during the year.
  • Untimely dues submission to the International Headquarters will result in a delay of receiving the Kappa Alpha Psi® Journal (four times a year), and the Confidential Bulletin (twice a year).

Grand Chapter Housing Assessment onetime fee for those initiated before 1990 is $100.00. Reactivation Fee (1-3 Years) is $30.00, and Reactivation Fee (4 plus Years) is $50.00.

What are the benefits of being financial with Grand Chapter by October 1 of each year?

Discounts & Perks

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Life Member Program

You must currently be “In Good Standing” [financial], on the Grand Chapter level of Kappa Alpha Psi® Fraternity, Incorporated, to qualify for Life Membership.

Option 1

  • Fully Paid Life Membership
  • One Payment of $3,500
  • Includes plaque, gold card and life membership pin

Option 2

  • Subscribing Life Membership
  • Cost: $5,000
    [Four Payments of $1,250 each – one payment per year, no skipping payments]


  • Journals [4 times a year]
  • Confidential Bulletin [3 times a year]
  • Eligible to register for National Founders’ Day
  • Eligible to register for Conclave
  • Eligible to run for Grand Chapter Office
  • Access your Kappaalphapsi1911.com account
  • Membership Discounts

Life Membership Premium Package Display Case: Individually $100.00 Crimson display case overlayed with a gold Coat of Arms imprint.