International Headquarters

Executive Team

Executive Director
John F. Burrell
[email protected]/Ext. 123
  • Supervise Day-To-Day Operations of IHQ
  • Publish & Issue Confidential Bulletins
  • Support the Executive Committee/Grand Board
Deputy Executive Director
Daren K. Brantley, Sr.
[email protected]/ Ext. 133
  • Coordinates All Administrative Strategies
  • Coordinates All IHQ Policies
  • Facilitates Human Resource Requirements
Director of Undergraduate & University Affairs
Trenton A. Nettles
[email protected]/ Ext. 122
  • Collect & Manage Undergraduate Data
  • Coordinates with College Professionals
  • Assist Province Chapter Advisor Chairman
Director of Finance
Gershom D. Davis
[email protected]/Ext. 126
  • Facilities Annual Grand Chapter Budget
  • Facilitates Grand Chapter Audits
  • Manages Financial Reporting
Director of Risk Management
Jason A. Hall, Sr.
[email protected]/Ext. 120
  • Manages Electronic Certification
  • Verifies Chapter Insurance Checklist
  • Provide Risk Management Education
Director of MTA/Membership Services
kevin b. hankins, Jr. 113

  • MTA Liason IHQ
  • Coordinator IHQ
  • Manages Members Services 

International Headquarters Staff

Donna M. Smith 
Administrative Manager
(215) 228-7184 Ext. 132
[email protected]

  • Coordinates Life Membership Program
  • Ships Online Store Orders
  • Verifies Chapter & Officer Rosters

David Pugliese
Sr. Technical Support Engineer
(215) 228-7184 Ext. 111
[email protected]

  • Coordinates and Provides Support to the organizations IT Systems
  • Ensures that all computer and networks operate efficiently
  • Handling incoming technical support question from fraternity members and staff

Jahmatis K. Rainey
Deputy Director of Finance
(215) 228-7184 Ext. 110
[email protected]

  • Facilitates Annual Grand Chapter Budget
  • Facilitates Grand Chapter Audits
  • Support the Director of Finance

Marylin L. Brock
Administrative Manager
(215) 228-7184 Ext. 127
[email protected]

  • Verifies MTA Credentials & New Charters
  • Facilities MSRC, 50 Year Members Program
  • Verifies Submitted Event Insurance Checklist

Gloria W. Walker
Business Support Analyst I
(215) 228-7184 Ext. 122
[email protected]

  • Administers Purchasing Practives
  • Directs Receiving and Identifying System
  • Reviews Inventory Reports

Jacquelyn Saunders
Business Support Analyst II
(215) 228-7184 Ext. 136
[email protected]

  • Directs Receiving and Identifying System
  • Receiving and Distributing Incoming Calls
  • Administers Help Desk Support

Anesshia Melvin
Accounts Payable
(215) 228-7184 Ext. 121
[email protected]

  • Check Processing and Reimbursements
  • Complete General Ledgers and Reports
  • Process Invoices and Refunds

Daniel I. Nixon
Coordinator of Undergraduate & University Affairs
(215) 228-7184 Ext. 110
[email protected]

  • Collect and Manage Undergraduate Data
  • Assist the Dir. of Undergraduate and Univ. Affairs
  • Liaison to Undergraduate Programs

Keenan E.Y. Harris
Senior Accountant
(215) 228-7184 Ext. 116
[email protected]

  • Accounting Reporting
  • Account Reconciliations
  • Support the Director of Finance

Rasheedah Johnson
Executive Administrator to the Executive Director
(215) 228-7184 Ext. 125
[email protected]

  • Coordinates Vending & Intellectual Property
  • Facilitates Programs, Awards & Publications
  • Facilitates Executive Director’s Schedule

Accounts Receivable
(215) 228-7184 Ext. 111


  • Process Membership/Chapter Payments
  • Coordinates Polemarch Badge Program
  • Facilitates Merchandise Inventory

Observed Holidays

IHQ Office will be closed on the following holidays:

New Years Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Election Day
Veterans Day