Jwyanza B. Watt

Jwyanza B. Watt

Theta Eta - 1994

Alumni Grand Board Member

Jwyanza Watt is an incomparable individual who has dedicated his life to serving and transforming Kappa Alpha Psi® fraternity. He was initiated in 1994 at the Florida State University Chapter, the Theta Eta of Kappa Alpha Psi®, and has been a lifelong member of the fraternity. Throughout his membership, Brother Watt has held various leadership roles, including being elected to the Grand Board of Directors on three separate occasions, serving on task forces and committees, and creating innovative programs to improve the membership intake process.

One of Brother Watt’s most notable contributions to the fraternity is his work on Membership Intake. He was selected to chair both membership intake committees during the two moratoriums that the fraternity has experienced. Under his leadership, the Membership Orientation and Intake Process (MOIP) and the Membership Training Academy (MTA) were created, both of which have reformed the intake process and reduced the risk of hazing, ultimately extending the vitality of the fraternity.

In addition to his work on Membership Intake, Brother Watt also created the Undergraduate Leadership Institute in 2004 and was the Chairman of the ULI for 15 years. During his stewardship, he spearheaded the solicitation of over two-million dollars in corporate sponsorships from companies like Home Depot, General Electric, Lowes, Regions Bank, J.P. Morgan, Citibank, and the U.S. Army. He also created LEAD Kappa, the equivalent program to the ULI that has helped over 750 undergraduates matriculate through these dynamic, life-changing programs.

Brother Watts recent tenure as a member of the Grand Board of Directors, he was tasked with several critical assignments: the Appeals Committee where he assisted with timely reviews of all appeals; the Covid-19 Task Force, where he helped craft the guidelines for enabling Membership Intake during the pandemic; As co-chairman of the Insurance Task Force, he facilitated assess to creative solutions for managing the significance in insurance premiums;  Further, Brother Watt co-chaired the Dues Subscription Task Force, in this capacity, he was responsible for requirements gathering, process design, solution testing and the program successful launch.  This tool has been integrated into the kappa.org platform, allowing members to enroll in auto-drafting of recurring dues payments.

During his undergraduate years, Brother Watt served the fraternity at all three levels, including being elected Keeper of Exchequer and Polemarch at the Theta Eta Chapter, winning Large Chapter of the Year at the Grand Chapter Meeting. He also served as the Junior Vice Polemarch of the Southern Province, where he was responsible for undergraduate affairs in Florida and Alabama. 

Brother Watt’s commitment to excellence led to a request from Ronald R. Young, the 28th Grand Polemarch, to join his campaign for the Grand Board of Directors. In 1995, Brother Watt was elected to serve as the Junior Grand Vice Polemarch, overseeing the Fraternity’s executive committee and operations of the international Headquarters in Philadelphia, PA. He was appointed Chairman of several committees, including the Undergraduate Affairs Committee, Membership Services Committee, the Council of Junior Province Vice Polemarch’s, and the Membership Intake Committee. His tenure also featured the return of the undergraduate summit in 1996 in Philadelphia, PA. Brother Watt also served on the Kappa Foundation Board of Directors, which enabled him early exposure to corporate leaders responsible for civic engagement, fundraising, and social action.

Brother Watt’s dedication to Kappa Alpha Psi® has not gone unnoticed, as he has received numerous awards and certificates of appreciation. He has been awarded for keynote speeches in nearly every Province and has received the Guy L. Grant Award, the Joseph R. Jenkins Award, and Grand Polemarch Thomas L. Battles, Jr., on June 9, 2018, declared “Jwyanza Watt Day” at the Theta Class of the ULI in Atlanta, Georgia. He has also served the fraternity in three other provinces, including the Northern Province, where he was awarded Guide Right Program Director of the Year for leading the Southfield Alumni Guide Right Program.

Outside of his work with Kappa Alpha Psi®, Brother Watt has had a successful career at AT&T, where he currently works as the Assistant VP of Global Billing Resolution. In his role, he has a team of over six hundred members and responsible for $700M in disbursements. He primarily focuses on business transformation through operational and quality improvements, and his ‘inspect what you expect’ approach to leadership has assisted him in his early career successes.  More recently Brother was recognized for his DEI, with a diamond award from the Not Alone Foundation.  Also, in 2021, Brother Watt was awarded the ‘Modern Day Technology Award’ from the Black Engineer of the Year Association.  Jwyanza has a 6-sigma Black Belt certification, which he earned while working at General Motors in production and logistics.

Jwyanza is married to Dawn Finley Watt.  They currently reside in Plano Texas and they have 3 teenage sons: Jaden, Dillon & Bryson.  Jwyanza enjoys analyzing stocks, reading books, playing golf and watching sports. 

In conclusion, Jwyanza Watt is a true leader in the Kappa Alpha Psi® Fraternity and a true asset to the organization. His dedication, commitment, and passion for the fraternity have been instrumental in shaping its future, and his contributions will be remembered for years to come. His creation of the MOIP, MTA, ULI, and LEAD Kappa programs have advanced the fraternity’s membership intake process and provided countless opportunities for young men to grow and develop as leaders. Brother Watt’s hard work and leadership have earned him numerous awards and accolades, and his impact on the fraternity will be felt for generations to come. He is a true inspiration and a shining example of what it means to be a Kappa Man.