Kappa Archive Recovery Initiative

Kappa Archive Recovery Initiative

The Kappa Archive Recovery Initiative was created in 2013 by Grand Historian Kevin P. Scott in response to the realization that several items in the fraternity’s national archives were woefully incomplete. Some items in the collection were lost due to floods, passive preservation efforts, and unsecure retention methods.

Since this program was established, proactive efforts have been initiated to recover and properly maintain the fraternity’s archive collection. A comprehensive inventory of the fraternity’s archives was performed, and items were appropriately categorized, labeled, and arranged in suitable storage containers. Active retrieval efforts have been frequent and constant. Fraternity members and their families have been informed about the program’s benefits. The recovery of several vintage items has expanded the archive collection, and efforts are underway to renovate the Kappa Museum at International Headquarters and suitably display these artifacts.

How Can You Help The Kappa Archive Recovery Initiative?

  1. Conduct an inventory of your items. 
  2. Select which artifacts you will permanently donate to the Fraternity’s archives.
  3. List those items on the Kappa Archive Recovery form.
  4. Inform your family of your wishes and/or include them in an (existing) Will.

The range of items you may decide to gift to the fraternity is expansive and may include: Province/Grand Chapter programs and/or related keepsakes, fraternity jewelry, pledge memorabilia, documents, photographs, official Fraternity publications and clothing paraphernalia, and other Kappa-related items.

Collecting and preserving our Fraternity’s history is vital and cannot be accomplished without your valued assistance. To assist you with the identification of the items you have and will consider donating, please complete this form: Kappa Archive Recovery Initiative Request Form and share a copy with the fraternity and another with your family so they know your wishes. These items are often discarded or given to a clothes donation center when the family does not know what to do with them.


              If you have any questions about Kappa Archive donation, don’t hesitate to contact Grand Historian Kevin P. Scott at: [email protected]