Province Polemarchs

In 1920, the third Grand Polemarch, George F. David, II, sought to bring a greater sense of organization and accountability to the rapidly growing fraternity. David recognized that it was increasingly difficult for the Grand Polemarch to effectively disseminate information to the members in places beyond his reach. To rectify this issue, he established a new Fraternity hierarchical structure patterned after the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church model.

As a result of his proposed legislation, the fraternity was first divided into three supervisory geographical areas called “districts,” headed by an area manager named “district director,” appointed by the Grand Polemarch. The original districts were identified by a numerical designation, commencing with three. The following were appointed to lead the inaugural districts: Past Grand Polemarch Irven Armstrong, District 1; Harrison R. Duke, District 2; and Harold M. Tyler, District 3. 

The fourth Grand Polemarch, W. Ellis Stewart changed the designation of the title “district” to “region” and “District Director” to “Regional Director” in 1923.  The fraternity’s expansion of chapters caused the number of their territories to increase. In 1926, under the leadership of the fifth Grand Polemarch Earl B. Dickerson, the geographic areas were renamed again from “region” to “province.”  The title of the appointed leader was also altered. The title of “Regional Director” changed to “Province Polemarch.”

As the fraternity continued to expand, additional provinces were established to provide effective operational structure and oversight.  Kappa Alpha Psi®® Fraternity, Inc., now has 12 Provinces that the following 12 Province Polemarchs govern: