Senior Kappa Affairs

Mission Statement

To recruit, reclaim, and retain members of the Fraternity who are 60 years. of age and older as active, contributing , fully financial brothers, to encourage implementation of that will facilitate their involvement that will-being! We also encourage our local chapter committees to involve themselves in community service initiatives that are geared toward senior citizens in their respective service area. Listed below are Accomplishments and Goals for the future:

History of Senior Kappa Affairs


Dear Brothers,

It is my honor to serve the 35th Administration as your Senior Kappa Affairs Committee (SKAC) Chairman. The SKAC is comprised of 12 hardworking Brothers who serve their respective Provinces in order to serve those Brothers who have served Kappa the longest. I would like to thank each one of these Brothers for their persistence and dedication to our cause. Your Province Senior Kappa Affairs Committee members are as follows:

Raymond E. Marbury, National Chairman

Rod Kilgore, National Vice Chairman

Rev. Dr. Charles Hudson, III (N)

Kenneth Benjamin (SE)

Rev. Dr. Michael Moore (S)

Melvin Pleasant (SC) 

Wallace B. Riggins, Jr. (E)

Herman Thomas (SW)   

Eugene McGaugh (W)

Ullyses Wright (MW)

Andrew Love (NE)

Rod Delgado (NC)

Samuel L. Greene (ME)

Jerome Parm (EC)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brother Raymond E. Marbury, East St. Louis Alumni Chapter is the third National Chairman.

The objectives of the Program are To Recruit, Reclaim and Retain members of the Fraternity who are 60 years of age or older as active contributing fully financial Brothers and to encourage programs that will facilitate their involvement and well-being.

Yes! Each Alumni chapter must establish a Senior Kappa Affairs Committee and establish a budget for operations.

Senior Kappa Week is normally held the third week in May! The week would begin on Monday of the Third week! Chapters can sponsor an activity for each day of the week, if desired! At least one day should be directed to “A Day of Service!”

Members who have reached the fifty year point as a member of Kappa!

No. Only if there is a budget item approved for the expenditure within the chapter. 

The Senior Kappa Affairs Endowment Fund (SKAEF) administered by the Kappa Foundation was developed during the 33rd Administration to provide financial resources in support of high quality programs of interest to senior members of Kappa Alpha Psi® Fraternity, Inc.

The original goal was use the interest generated from $1 million in the SKAEF! Grants would then be distributed to approved Alumni Chapters thru an application process. The Chapter must have an established and functioning Senior Kappa Affairs Committee to be eligible for the Grant.  

The 6th Cycle will begin January 1 thru the 31st of 2024. The application will go the SKAEF Advisory Board for evaluation. The grants will be issued based upon qualifications.

Yes. Any Brother may still purchase the Legacy Badge through the Kappa Foundation.

You may purchase the Legacy Badge through the Kappa Foundation for $500. It can be done in two payments if desired There may be a discount for Brothers who were initiated since 2021!

No, the badge is treated like your membership Diamond Device and must be worn on your shirt on the left side above your heart.